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"Vital Milk was so quick to get in touch with me and set up an appointment! They got the exact pump I wanted and did an awesome job of explaining everything and answering all my questions!"               ~Luda, West Springfield, MA
"They are breastfeeding, baby and mama loving warriors, these mamas."      
~Leigh, Amherst, MA
"It was guys are great!"
~Tama-Rey, Chicopee, MA

"I love Vital Milk, this company cares about their clients and are very knowledgable about breastfeeding!"
 ~Anitra, Childbirth Education Coord. at Boston Medical Center
"Thank you for being such a wonderful service! It makes patients' and providers' lives much easier."       
~Maria, RN Ob/Gyn at Wesson Women's Clinic

"You are an amazing resource for our community!" 
~Melissa, IBCLC , Shutesbury, MA



    100% insurance-covered breast pump options:

Spectra S2

Hygeia Q

Pump In Style Advanced Starter Set

Ameda Finesse

Electric Breast Pump
Our team of certified lactation counselors (CLC), doulas, child birth educators, etc. want to help you reach your breastfeeding goals; we offer our clients a free in-home delivery* to provide personal instruction and breastfeeding support. We also offer free shipping or you may pick up your breast pump anytime during our regular business hours.
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  Once your order is complete (prescription received), your
breast pump will be on your
door step within 72hrs.
 In addtion to providing ongoing evidence-based lactation support and referrals, we are also happy to help mothers find emotional and social support resources.