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"Vital Milk was so quick to get in touch with me and set up an appointment! They got the exact pump I wanted and did an awesome job of explaining everything and answering all my questions!"               ~Luda, West Springfield, MA
"They are breastfeeding, baby and mama loving warriors, these mamas."      
~Leigh, Amherst, MA
"It was guys are great!"
~Tama-Rey, Chicopee, MA

"I love Vital Milk, this company cares about their clients and are very knowledgable about breastfeeding!"
 ~Anitra, Childbirth Education Coord. at Boston Medical Center
"Thank you for being such a wonderful service! It makes patients' and providers' lives much easier."       
~Maria, RN Ob/Gyn at Wesson Women's Clinic

"You are an amazing resource for our community!" 
~Melissa, IBCLC , Shutesbury, MA



    100% insurance-covered breast pump options:

Medela Pump In Style
Advanced Starter Set

Hygeia Q

Unimom Minuet

Spectra S2+

Ameda Finesse

Spectra 9+

Electric Breast Pump
Our team of certified lactation counselors (CLC), doulas, child birth educators, etc. want to help you reach your breastfeeding goals; we offer our clients a free in-home delivery* to provide personal instruction and breastfeeding support. We also offer free shipping or you may pick up your breast pump anytime during our regular business hours.
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Mothering Support
  Once your order is complete (prescription received), your
breast pump will be on your
door step within 72hrs.
 In addtion to providing ongoing evidence-based lactation support and referrals, we are also happy to help mothers find emotional and social support resources.